Philosophy: Sustainable Transformation

Historically the human has experienced God in distinct categories.  An example of such categories are spiritual encounter and transformation. This is the person who experiences God's presence in the here and now.  It looks like benefits such as miracles, prophetic words, healings, pilgrimages (conferences), an awareness of spiritual gifts, and an awareness of the mercy presence of Jesus Christ drawing near enabling salvation or a state of heart that was not possible moments earlier. Spiritual encounter can look like the deliberate and accidental encounter with the living God.  In the word, this looked like John leaning on Jesus in the gospels.  This looked like the miracles we witnessed Jesus do.  This looked like the woman at the well.  This sometimes looks like what we call Charismatics.  This looks like breaking of bread with one another.

Another category is moral transformation.  This looks like those who are proned to encountering God through the renewal of the mind. This is seen in the letters of Paul to the churches, the ten commandments and the greatest commandment: to love God, to receive His love and to love others.   This focuses on the word and what it says for moral living, living as the church or in community, or even for organizational behavior.  This is sometimes called Reformed, Presbyterian, Methodist, etc.  This also looks like the breaking of bread with one another.

Different personalities may focus on one type of experience of God even within the same circumstances.  Yet, for sustainable transformation of communities, it is our philosophy to help facilitate these two types of experiences of God in particular: Spiritual Encounter & Transformation and Moral Transformation.  It is our philosophy to embody these type of experiences of God through our projects and life. The two are needed to overcome the intense pressures and cycles of extreme poverty; the two are needed to serve our neighbor in a long term manner. It is a response to the word when it says that God is looking for those who worship him in spirit and in truth; for those encountering God in their bodies and in their spirit, their thoughts and actions.  It is a part of beholding God with an unveiled face until we are transformed by his glory.  It is a sustainable transformation meant for us as a community to change communities ravaged by corruption, poverty, and even shame.  You are invited. 


Sustainable Transformation Ministries and Project Collaborations:

Tondo, Manila, Davao Philippines and Beyond:

Iris Philippines & House of Dreams: Spiritual Encounter and Transformation through 1. Faith & Core Values, 2. Mercy Ministries in Tondo: Women's groups, Youth Groups, Children's Feedings. 3. Daily Prayer 4. Worship events and gatherings 5. Weekly gospel outreaches 6. Mercy Ministries: Redlight District outreaches 6.  Sponsorships that give people the space and structure to participate in discipleship.

Conscience & Creation Collabs:  Moral Transformation through 1. Renewing the mind.  2. Opportunity to enact morals through short term workshops, trade training, children's events, sports, microbusiness collaborations. #youareinvited 3. Facilitate people to engage personal and community transformation. 4. Promoting awareness and collaboration through story telling and dream sharing. #humandreamer #donateyourdream