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Giving through sponsorship is an extraordinary way to reach a woman, intervene in her life, to empower, to root for and to give new opportunities.  Studies show that when finances are given to women in particular they are used for a wider range of expenses that will benefit and serve the whole family.  Overall, ways of giving to those in extreme poverty are being evaluated at large and giving to men and women in a manner in which they can decide how these finances are used is to give the opportunity and ability to work towards a new future.  The sponsorship gives hope in the present, trade workshops, ethics and leadership training through community, micro-business opportunity, and a economic change for families.  You are invited to be a part.

SPONSOR: ARROW and Dreamers

Heroes and Dreamers sponsorship empowers a child or youth to go to school.  The $30 a month sponsorship covers transportation to school, a meal at school, budget for monthly school project supplies which often burden the families, and participation in workshops to help support, encourage the children, youth and families.  Last year, one of our students who was sponsored for back to school supplies became the top student in her class.  She never missed a day of school.  A range of skill levels are represented in the Heroes and Dreamers children and youth.  


When you become a sponsor for a woman, man, child or youth.  We will keep you updated with stories from the communities.  Also please subscribe to our Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.  This is also a great support to us.  #YouAreInvited